NOVETUD is able to offer :  

  • Design of parts in CAD from CATIA V4 or V5 and supply of drawings carried out in ISO grading,
  • Qualification of material and parts, through tests follow-up,
  • Design model or full-size presentation,
  • Follow-up of the cast model,
  • Follow-up of the « production run », thermoforming moulds, machining and control tools,  
  • Initial Samples,
  • Conditioning study of parts.


For the tests qualification, NOVETUD relies on the know-how of registered laboratories :

  • SERCOVAM - tests on materials and equipments,
  • PEP (European Pole of Plastics Industry) of which NOVETUD is member - tests on materials and equipments,
  • UTAC - tests on crash test resistance of equipments.

You can watch a crash test movie showing a  "standard" and "zoomed profil view"

Considering the nature of it's activity, NOVETUD has filed several patents and models over the last years.