When industrialising a part, SBTN can offer :

  • the achievement of specifications to manufacture production, fitting and control toolings,
  • the follow-up and carrying out of moulds in collaboration with a network of european subcontractors, in order to meet it's customers requirements about quality and fast development,
  • the achievement of thermoforming and machining programs in CAM to ensure a good «repeatability» and to manufacture under statistical control.

SBTN has the means to control the material entry to check :

  • the nature of the material, on the basis of the conformity certificates,
  • its colour, with a colourmeter,
  • its mat appearance, with a surface shine meter,
  • its thickness, measured by ultrasound.

SBTN makes use of its knowledge in thermoplastics and its experience in thermoforming to : 

  • collaborate with the extrusion manufacturers offering the best performing production means, according to the material to be produced,
  • make thermoformed parts in all different materials ABS, PP, PE, PC, PS,
  • consider the possibilities of material recycling,
  • carry out assemblies by ultrasound and/or sticking.

SBTN also meets the most demanding expectations of logistics.
Through a daily practice of EDI , it's internal organisation thus ensures deliveries to the automotive industry premier assembly lines.