NOVETUD group history

1975 - Creation of SBTN

Located in Villefranche sur Saône, SBTN manufactures thermoformed parts for the highway equipment (Toll booths, Traffic signals, Refrigeration Equipment).

1981 - Creation of NOVETUD Company

Located in Marne la Vallée, NOVETUD carries out design of urban furniture and thermoformed hoods for coolers.
The manufacture of the parts designed by NOVETUD is outsourced to SBTN.

1989 - Creation of NOVETUD Equipment

To broaden its offer from parts supply to subassemblies supply, NOVETUD created NOVETUD Equipment in Villefranche sur Saône.This secondary establishment is in charge of the assembly works.

1990 - Creation of NOVETUD Distribution

In order to ensure the marketing and sales of the products dedicated to the Automotive Industry, NOVETUD created NOVETUD Distribution.

1992 -Building up of the plant that groups together SBTN and NOVETUD Equipment in Villefranche-sur-Saône. It is the first part of 5000 m²that will be progressively extended to 12500 m².      

2001 - NOVETUD Distribution delivers factory fitted parts for the Automotive Industry as rank 1 supplier.

2003- Creation of the "Financière NOVETUD" Holding which purpose is to ensure the growth of the Group.

2006 - Creation of NOVETUD Otomotiv in TURKEY(Bursa).

In order to supply parts to the automotive manufacturers established in Turkey and meet the needs of the domestic thermoforming market, “Financière NOVETUD” created NOVETUD Otomotiv with the ERKURT Holding. 

2009 - Takeover of FACAM Company which becomes FACAM DISTRIBUTION.
Specialized in the design and manufacture of textile floor mats, flat and molded.

2012 - Equity stake in the company CUSTOPOL (Poland)
Specialized in the manufacture of flat textile floor mats.